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Suntan Hawaii is proud to team up with clubs and parents to implement an innovative fundraising program created to provide organizations with an opportunity to meet annual fundraising goals in one campaign!

Suntan Hawaii products have been used by various athletic teams, high school bands, charity organizations, little leagues, youth groups, cheerleaders at major universities, private schools, and religious organizations to raise thousands of contribution dollars.

fundraisingbox.pngWhy use Suntan Hawaii for your fundraiser?

Suntan Hawaii has a tradition of offering superior products to outdoor enthusiasts and athletes alike since 1979. Everyone needs sunscreen. Why not provide them with the highest quality protection and skin care ingredients?

For the same number of sales as leading fundraisers your organization can realize as much as three times the profit. Our products are 100% guaranteed. With Suntan Hawaii, there is no retail competition. You can be proud to sell a much needed product that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Everyone needs sunscreen and your team needs Suntan Hawaii.